Winter is a fox lady who... is.... well, if you see the picture, then you should know. Winter do this because she seen to have a dirty mind also have been thinking of boy 'playing' with her. Her parents was disappointed of her and thought that she would have a nice jobs, but she said that she get pay by taking people for paying her if they want... you know what. So, that means she doesn't care if her life isn't right. She would get people in house and they would rape her, but happen sometime.

How It Started

When Winter was born in Canada, she would have fun outside when she was young. Sometime when she try to go somewhere, people started to swear and say something about how people have sex and Winter didn't understand at first. Sadly, the people told her about it and somehow she was in of it, but his parents told her to go in the car and wait till they get what they need.

Winter was into fan fiction and started reading them, but was reading the one that involves having sex. As Winter was up to 6 year old, she went on the Internet about sex and sex tape also have been watching sex and other movie. Her parents didn't know about this. Her parents told her about how family work and having sex and other. At school, she told her friend about what her parents said.

But they said something different that her parents didn't said...

They told her to go home and look up on other thing that involves having sex. As she did, her eye wide and clicked more about the people. Then a word show up which said sex toy, she didn't understand, but then click on it and show it. Later on, when she was old, she have her on house and money and account.

She started order the sex toys and... yeah... how she stated to get money was that one man was seeking into her house and she notice, but let him go. Well, the man look at her and she look at him and know the rest. He started to tell one person at a time, but pay her. 10 buck.

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