Wolf's Home
Wolf's Home


Forest Mountains

Wolf lives in a small cottage in the forest mountains in the western mountains in the U.S. It is well hidden in the wild far from civilization. Wolf has made it his hideout as well as his home for when things get too out of hand. He hunts for his meat and grows a hidden fruit & veggie garden. Though he sometimes calls in certain aerial supply drops for tools and other things like milk and other stuff that cannot be found in the mountains. He always chooses random spots to make calls and drops away from his home, sometimes many miles away. His takes his baths and showers near waterfalls, digs and buries his human wastes in the ground, and carefully burns other trash. His home runs on natural things such as running water from water ways and lit torches for light and heat. The only thing his house has that isn't natural is electricity from a generator. His house also has hidden tunnels for escapes and traps for intruders.

Wolf has also made most of his things out of clay and fur materials to put in place of his actual possesions is someone were to try and steal from him. His cottage is also made of simple material so Wolf won't mind if it goes up in flames. Wolfs' home may sometimes look like a nice quite place in the woods, but unknown to intruders, it has a deadly security system after so many attempts on his home and invasion of privacy, Wolf installed state of the art deadly force security and well hidden traps in the outer boarders of his home that only Fox, Kara, and himself know about.

Music Theme

ZREO The Wind Waker - Outset Island03:17

ZREO The Wind Waker - Outset Island


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