Wonder Cat is a cat that Red finds and uses to fight the giant Kitty Amazing. It becomes Red and Blue's pet. It is based on the 'Wonder Cat' episodes on YouTube crea
Wonder Cat01:00

Wonder Cat

Wonder Cat - Rover Rescue!00:43

Wonder Cat - Rover Rescue!

Wonder Cat - Sky High Situation!00:46

Wonder Cat - Sky High Situation!

Wonder Cat - Dam Disaster!00:37

Wonder Cat - Dam Disaster!

Episode 4

d by RageNineteen. It has the ability to shoot lasers and freeze rays out of its eyes, shoot a cannon from its mouth, and turn into a giant monster.
Wonder Cat - Asteroid Anarchy!00:43

Wonder Cat - Asteroid Anarchy!

Episode 5

Wonder Cat - Outer Space Emergency!00:48

Wonder Cat - Outer Space Emergency!

Episode 6

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