World War D "Trailer"
World War D (Final Edit)
Zombies! Come get them!
Air date Not decided yet
Written by Alpha-Lonewolf
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The zombie infection has gone out of control and now our heroes must stand up and end the war against zombies.


World War Z Trailer Music ("Hawkeye and Schmidt" by Louder Productions)01:12

World War Z Trailer Music ("Hawkeye and Schmidt" by Louder Productions)


(Shows the city burning and then zooms in on explosions and people running from fast moving zombies. People are being eaten and ripped apart. The military forces are being overwhelmed. Shows Wolf, Red, and Blue getting their weapons ready.)

Blue: What the fuck is happening!?

Red: They’re after my chips again!

Wolf: Zombies! (Pulls out minigun) Come get them!

(Pinks home)

Pink: (looking out her window as the city burns and people turning into zombies as she sheds a tear) Blue where are you?

Stacy:(looks out the window) Is there a street party going on?

(Showspeople taking refuge at a fortified base. Wolf, Red, Blue, Raccoon, Lad, and Broseph start shooting at a rushing mob of zombies. Shows Fox and Pink in a dark room with others.)

Pink: (whispers) What are we gonna do?

Fox: We are going to stick together.

Red: Don’t worry Foxy, we can stick together if you get my drift?

(Fox kicks Red in the groin)

(Cuts to scenes where it shows the main characters fighting off zombies, running from zombies, Red dancing with zombies to the Michael Jackson song “Thriller”, and finally shows the last fortified area at Cybertime Systems with the girls leaving on a helicopter and the men staying behind)

Pink: What about you guys!?

Wolf: Don’t worry about us.

Red: (Schwarzenegger accent) I’ll be back!

(Shows the guys on a tall tower shooting at the zombie horde trying to climb up the tower and then shows Title of Movie)

World War D
World War D last stand

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