Yellow is one of Red and Blue's friends. Yellow also seems to get along with Lord Tourettes. Yellow usually appears as a background character, not being a "Story" character. His first appearance was "A Bee Or Something", also introducing the series protagonists, Red and Blue.


A Bee Or Something: He is one of the people dancing to Red's Auto-Tuned voice. However, when Red farts out a bee, it makes him lose his auto-tuned voice. Making Yellow and everyone else except Blue leave.

Zombies And Shotguns: Seen running and gets turned into a zombie. Later gets killed by Red.

Role Playas: Yellow is seen killing an Ogre in the background while Red and Blue talk to Lord Tourettes.

Trouble Date: Appears in the background and sets fire due to a candle falling on him.

OMG (First Main Appearance): One of the characters in Blue (Or Raccoon)'s dream.

Kitty Amazing (Second Main Appearance): He is sleeping in Red and Blue's house. Unfortunately, he is one of the people Red accidentally kills with "Kitty Amazing".

Bath Rhymes (Third Main Appearance): Appears A LOT during the song.


Zombies And Shotguns: Killed by Red after being turned into a zombie.

Trouble Date: He gets set on fire cause a candle falls on him.

Kitty Amazing: Gets killed by Kitty Amazing.


Zombies And Shotguns: Gets bit on the leg by a zombie (he later turns into one).

Role Playas: Gets kicked in the crotch by an Ogre.

Bath Rhymes: Trips over. (Similar to Blue).