Yes, I am YoshiRocker13 (aka Yoshi), one of the active users on the Dick Figures Fanon Wiki. Just like Alpha and Andrew, I found my way into the Dick Figures universe. As you can guess, I am the creator of people like Rapper, Blink, Dark Doom and others. As you can tell by my username, yes I am a really big Yoshi fan, and I will not stop getting into that green dino. Not only have I got a Wiki User, I also have YouTube and Twitter (and used to have DeviantArt), yeah I'm a pretty busy guy.


YoshiRocker13, what else can I say? I have no super powers, laser vision, super flight, nothing. Just a good old human being turned into a red stick figure (since Red IS my favourite colour). But of course I am able to create more stick figures and put some of my OCs on the craziest adventures with the crew of Dick Figures. From angry men, to beautiful chicks, to killers like Rapper, I come up with quite a few crazy things. I'm not a violent fighter really but I do get really angry sometimes. One day I will find my OCs and explain all about my process of making such awesome characters.


  • Video Games
  • Computers
  • Cartoons
  • Shows like Dick Figures.


Super Mario Sunshine Music - Delfino Plaza02:58

Super Mario Sunshine Music - Delfino Plaza


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