Zendora Zi Gorgon
Oh my!



Sexual Orientation



Don, Hope, Nate, Jacob, Allen, Jade, Jones, Twilight, and Randy


Any villains

Weapon of Choice

Her fire and lighting skills and her weapon bracelets


21 (Earth years)


Light Green




Very High

Voiced By

Hynden Walch

Zendora is a fictional character from the Dick Figures universe, she is an alien war princess from the planet Gorgon (named after the mythological Greek beast). She is a very nice person, despite the fact that she gets a little out of control in battle. But after all, Zendora is a war princess.  Zendora also really enjoys earth and the friends she’s made. Zendora is a really smart girl, but people tend to overlook that due to the fact that she just seems crazy to them. She has some powers, her main one being flight, because she never really walks, her other powers are the ability to shoot fire and lightning out of her hands and eyes, increased strength, and also the ability to breathe in space. Zendora can pretty much be cute and creepy at the same time.</span>


Zendora was the second born child in the royal family of Gorgon.  Her father died in battle and she lived with a step father for 15 years and her sister (page pending) was going to take the throne, her mother ruled for several years until she remaried and Zendora had nothing to do. She thrived adventure and wanted to do something awesome with her life, being a princess however, she was never allowed to.  Zendora was sent to the Milky Way as a troop, but crashed into earth. She made tons of friends, and wanted to stay. But Zendora still fears that Earth is in danger of her sister. Sometimes she feels homesick and wants to go, but sometimes Zendora never wants to leave.


  • She is close to her step father, and actully calls him "Father", unlike her sister. 
  • She can be terrifying. 
  • Her appearance is modeled after Hisui E. Fiore from Fairy Tail
  • She's shown a fascination with Earth seance she was a kid. 
  • Tends to act murderous.
  • Can be extremely oblivious.  


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Simple Plan - My Alien Lyrics

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Synops - Incursion HD

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Zendora's Voice

Voice of Starfire from Teen Titans

Some of Starfire's best moments-106:30

Some of Starfire's best moments-1

Zendora's Voice


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