Zombie Rob
Zombie Rob
Ya Crazy (Insert-Insult!
Vital statistics
Title Good
Gender Male
Species Zombie
Nickname(s) Dead Head, Walker, Corpse
Status Living Dead
Friends TBD
Enemies TBD
Sexual Orientation straight
Affilations Undead
Nationality Zombie
Known for Eating brains
Date of death Modern times
Cause of death Bite By a Toxic Zombie
Weapon of choice Teeth
Color Olive
Hair Color Same
Eye Color crossed eyes
IQ low
Distinguishing Marks Chomped head
Height average
Weight average
Gamertag CRAP-1mD3AD
Times dead None


A new OC for Dick Figures. Zombie Rob is a less savage Zombie and more of a civilized undead. He has the ability to think and act normallike a human but a bit slow to though. He still craves brains but also tries to resist eating people.


During a Zombie invasion, a zombie walked through a highly radiated zone and then bit a man in the and soon turned him into a zombie. But since the zombie was radioactive and bit the man's brain, this allowed the man to still think and act like a normal person but not as bright. every time he tried to make friends they would shoot or cut him up. But he has been given the ability to put himself back together after. He then tries to make conversation with other zombies but it always seems to revolve around the subject of brains. Even though Zombie Rob cannot die, he still feels pain from being shot or chopped.


  • Immune to death
  • Connects self back together
  • Lives forever
  • Immune to burning


  • Puke blast


  • A thinking Zombie.
  • Not too bright


FFXTAS - Episode 5 - Sin's Toxin05:53

FFXTAS - Episode 5 - Sin's Toxin


Voice of Tidas


Resident Evil Outbreak Soundtrack "Main Title Theme"03:28

Resident Evil Outbreak Soundtrack "Main Title Theme"


Zombie Rob's Theme


  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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