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Zombies and Shapeshifters
Season 1, Episode 3
3. Zombies and Shapeshifters
Air date 12/9/13
Written by MDKid663 and IONIX
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Suzan and the Magic of Tentacles
Shawn's Primal Instincts
The third of the amazing sexy fanfics! A continuation of the last one.



(Eleven goes back to the graveyard were he finds Suzan's corpse)

Suzan: Y-y-you...

(Eleven uses regeneration on Suzan)

Eleven: ....

Suzan: Thank you for reviving me...Let's never do that again, okay?

Eleven: ....

Suzan: Well...bye!

(She slowly walks away from Eleven, then converts into a run.)

(Eleven instantly moves right in front of her)

Suzan: Please just let me go! I'll do whatever you want!

Eleven: ....?

Suzan: Here, copy my form!

(Eleven shapeshifts into Suzan)

Eleven (Suzan's form): Okay.

Suzan: Now, can I please go?

Eleven (Suzan's form): Fine, whatever.

Suzan: Thanks!

Suzan (in her head): Wow, I thought she was going to have to make me do something. Easier than I thought!

Eleven (Suzan's form): (able to read her thoughts) Really, I didn't think so.

Suzan: Oh goddammit. What do you want?! You already fucked me until I exploded!

Eleven (Suzan's form): Really, I knew you were gonna explode.

Suzan: Okay, but can you not do that again?

Eleven (Suzan's form): Alright, fine.

Suzan (in her head): Oh my god, is this person ever horny like me right now?

Eleven (Suzan's form): Well, see ya. (changes back and is about to leave)

Suzan: No, wait!

(Grabs Eleven by the shoulder)

Eleven: ....?

Suzan: Please change back! I need to feel...complete.

Eleven: ....?

Suzan: Here, I'll tell you in my mind.

Suzan (in her head): I've never had lesbian sex, and it's the last thing I want to have before I leave for China!

Eleven: (able to read her thoughts) ....

(Eleven changes back into Suzan)

Eleven (Suzan's form) Alright then, If that's what you want then fine.

Eleven (Suzan's form): (sighs) Fine.

(Eleven shows Suzan her vagina)

Eleven (Suzan's form): (speaks in head) This is gonna be embarrassing.

Suzan: (seductively) Oh no, it's not. Trust me!

(Suzan bends over and grabs Eleven's inner thighs.)

Eleven (Suzan's form): Don't lick it too hard.

(Suzan shoves her tongue into Eleven's virgin vagina.)

Eleven: Oh my god~!

Suzan (in her head): Oh my god...her vagina is so soft...

Suzan (muffled): AHHHHHH!

(Eleven screams in ecstasy, as Eleven sucks Suzan into her vagina.)

Eleven: *huff*...That was...intense.

(Eleven transforms back into its normal form, and runs away.)

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